Welcome to the show!

Please follow the steps below to get your spot in the show this season.

This REGISTRATION FORM, REQUIRED RELEASE (link below) and AUDITION video will need to be sent in to get your spot for this season.

National Partial Scholarship winners, will put your code in the bottom to receive your discount.  The video you send in will need to be 60 seconds of competition dance you were selected from for our judges to reference.

For all others, please do the following:

Dancers will pick your best Hip Hip Video (60 seconds only)

Cheer will pick your best Pom or dance video (60 seconds only)

Please watch the FAQ VIDEO on our home page for specific video instructions.  We need your child to tell us a few things before the video starts.

You will then email the video you select to SOLIDIKONIKDANCE@GMAIL.COM.

Within 5-7 days we will upload your video to our IG @IkonikDancechampionships, and we will announce your acceptance this season.

You will then have 3 days to pay your deposit of only $100 to save your slot this season.  You then have 45 days to pay your balance.

After your deposit is received, we will email you your Official show number and your official show number Game card.

This number is your official show number for formation setting training.

You will show this number each time you send in choreography.

Welcome to Solidikonik ONE DREAM ONE TEAM!


    (a) I UNDERSTAND AND ACKNOWLEDGE that use of the Facilities and/or participating in the Activities in which I am about to voluntarily engage are inherently dangerous, represent an extreme test of my physical and mental limits and condition, bear certain known risks and unanticipated risks that could result in PHYSICAL OR MENTAL INJURY, DEATH, ILLNESS OR DISEASE, OR DAMAGE to me or my property. I understand and acknowledge those risks may result in claims against the Releases. However, I am making an informed choice to voluntarily accept and assume such risks due to the thrills, excitement and/or other benefits of participating in the Activities and/or using the Facilities, and I agree that the benefits of participating in the AcQviQes and/or using the Facilities outweigh the risks, which include but in no way are limited to:


    Step 2 PAY