Womens Emotion based ALL STYLES OF DANCE workouts!


SALTY is an Emotion-based DANCE workout

S – SOLID follow along!  Do as I do, its that easy!

A – ABILITY to laugh at yourself!  Laugh and don’t take it so seriously! Have FUN!

L – LOVE yourself enough to keep going!  Don’t stop!  When in doubt!  MARCH!

T – TOTALLY let go!  No one is watching you, so now let go!

Y – YOU got this!  Not only this dance!  This  thing called LIFE! 

 Designed to help you Go Through it!  GROW through it!  LET it go!    

Go – Getting here or on the app is the first step!  It’s not hard!  The workouts are on your phone.  NO EXCUSES!

Grow  –  The ability to leave it at the door, and grow through what we are dancing to today!

Let it Go! – Give yourself the permission to move through the emotion you have picked that day, and let it go!

Now let’s DANCE!

How it works!

Pick your emotion


Pick the genre of music you like!

Emotion options:  

Body Image/Self Love – Alternative/Movies – Motherhood – Relationships/All – Heartbreak/Death/Loss – Trials/Survivor – Excited/Happiness – Divorce/Breakups – Birthday/Party Time/Wedding – Love/Sex

Music Genres:

Hip Hop/R&B, County/Salsa – Rock n Roll/Oldies – Alternative 

Now it’s time to GET SALTY!  Get ready for your 50 minute workout today!

This ALL dance-style workout is nothing that has ever been created!  Combining all styles of dance!  

Hip Hop, Ballet, Salsa, Country, Swing, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary, Breakdance, Popping, Boxing, Pilates, Yoga, strength and conditioning and more!

All songs workout every part of your body!  Should you want to target a body part that day you will pick from our Salty Body parts segments.  Simply pick the body part you want to target that day and add it into your dance workout!

All levels and all ages can do it!

Salty Suggestions Box:  Tell us what you like.  Don’t see what you want?  Please let us know in our suggestions box.

Don’t want to work out one day?  No problem, log in to just get emotional support.  Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at your convenience

See you in class!

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