Kids/Teen Dance Conditioning

“Youth Get Salty with Solid!” GET MOVIN!


(Salty=lively, vigorous, spirited)

JUST DANCE!  You are not learning choreography, you are just having fun, getting some extra cardio in and follow along.

We understand you are under so much pressure at school and in your extra curricular activites.  This is a fun way to express yourself, stay healthy not only physically but also emotionally.


Pick your emotion.  Press play

Emotions:  Bullying.  Mother/Daughter. Father/Son.  Sports.  College.  What am I going to do when I get older? Step parents. Relationship Manipulation. Body Image/Shaming.  Friendship. Sisters/Siblings. Mixed Family Drama. Cheating. Happy Birthday. Rap. Love. 80’s. 90’s.

Get your friends together and push play and that’s it!

This dance-style movement will move your entire body and make you feel good while you have fun and move to the music.

What to expect.

First, owner J.R. will have Interviews with different youth your age,  on the subject you have selected.  Reminding you, you are not alone.

Warm up

Go through it

GROW through it

Let it go! GUARANTEED emotional shift after this workout.

Suggestions Box:  Tell us what subject you want to tap about.  Don’t see what you want?  Please let us know in our suggestions box.

Do this with friends at a sleepover, or a birthday party. Etc. Our Solid Staff will do these classes LIVE for you too!  Just ask!

Sample!  Fun moves to get you moving and conditioning without having to really think, just follow along.

Audition video here!  More READY SET GO conditioning videos are being filmed and edited now!

Until more videos are ready, Please MEET our own @kelsiidaviess my long time dancer for over 12 years.

More READY SEET GO, conditioning videos are being filmed and edited now!