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Congratulations!  You are booking your own private 1 hour APP shoot.  Your private APP shoot will be posted on our National APP/OR our Private Youtube Channel with Mr. Phil Wright Choreography.  We will also post on our IG and we will tag you for you to be able to share with family and friends.

Our goal is to give your child exposure for this amazing show, and highlight them as a performer this season.

Our staff will select a few app shoots to be featured on our highlight reel, either on Mr. Phil Wrights Highlight reel on his IG or Solid Ikonik highlight reel IG.

The questions below are to prepare your child for their live video shoot.  Dancer should come dressed in dance attire, one that will show us who they are and their individual style and personality.  If dancer does not want to dance on camera this first shoot, we will just interview them.  Dancer is guaranteed to feel comfortable in the envirnoment we shoot them in.  We can always book another one if need be, so they can feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Our staff will help your dancer put together their own KIDZTOK if they choose. A KIDZTOK is our version of Tik Tok, where the dancer gets to create their own, and the dancers enrolled in the shows for this season, will get to upload the KIDZTOk to IG and dancers can learn it, post and win a CASH PRIZE!

Please answer all questions, with your dancer to the best of your ability, so we can prepare your personal shoot.

There is a calendly link below to book your IN PERSON or ONLINE APP SHOOT.  If our home location is too far from you and you are wanting to do an online app shoot we can also set this up.  The booking process is the same below, just mark which one, IN PERSON or ONLINE so we can prepare.  ONLINE APP shoots will just require you to have a camera on your child, and you will need to send this footage to us by email so we are able to edit.

We can’t wait to feature you on all of our platforms.